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Whether it's weight loss, sports performance or overall health, we're here to help you achieve your goal.  We have an extensive team with in depth knowledge in overall incorporation of nutrition, activity and lifestyle.  We work together to help everyone reach their goal.  See more under each of our menu options on the left hand side for detailed information about each area.


All About Social!

We love our community!  Here people come to socialize, connect with others, get information about healthy meals, and much more.  HealthQ Club is a place where people gather who want to live a healthy, active lifestyle.  The best part is the incredible and positive support everyone feels from those around them.    


All About Fun!

Here at HealthQ Club, we're all about the Fun Factor.  If you're not having a great time achieving your goal, we're not having much fun working here.  We work hard to create a positive environment.


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