Education is everything!  Without knowledge, there is no power.  Whether it is educating our team, our children, or our weight-loss challenge students, we work diligently to spread the word of healthy and active lifestyles to the community and the world.  We know we can change the world's nutritional habits one person at a time.  


Free Children's Education

We are VERY passionate about children's nutritional education.  It all begins with us as parents getting involved.  Children will eat what we give them.  They can't go to the grocery store and just buy whatever they want.  We are their nutritional providers, and it starts with the choices we make at the store.  If we have soda, chips and cookies available, what do you think your kids will eat???  If they have apples, carrots, and other healthy snacks, what then will they eat???  It begins with the choices we give them, so choose wisely!

Next comes the education.  We help teach kids what good foods is, and then we work with them to understand the importance of proper nutrition.  What are some fun things they can eat to help them be strong, intelligent and balanced throughout the day?  

With over 17% of children in the U.S. obese, we need to work hard to help our children protect their futures.  Educate yourself, and educate your children.   


Free Corporate Education

A healthy employee is a productive employee.  When employees are overweight and malnurished, you have not only physical problems that increase your insurance costs, but mental problems that greatly change people's performance.  

We work hard with our corporate partners to help promote a positive, healthy work environment.  We offer Free Corporate Nutritional Classes and even run Weight-Loss Challenges right in the convenience of your own office.

Help your employees be their best, not just in their jobs, but in their lives.  Schedule your free educational class today! 

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