Weight Loss

Is losing weight always so hard?  

Is it because you have to go through it alone?  

Is it because you have to give up everything you love?  

Is it because the ways you’ve tried in the past have always led back to your being where you started?  


At HealthQ Club, the answer to all those questions is no.  First and foremost, we LOVE people and get no greater satisfaction than helping people achieve their personal goals. We know how hard weight loss is.  We’ve been there, too.  Most of us are tired of starving, shots, pills, bars, mean people… and coming off those diets and becoming as big as ever.  We’ve finally found something that works for us.  We combine a personalized plan with coaching and Herbalife's amazing products to help you reach your weight loss goal.


Free Personal Coaching:

Not everyone is built the same.  We each have unique nutritional needs including calories, protein and more.  Our coaches work hand in hand with you to help you along the way. We first start with a wellness evaluation where we find out what your personal needs are. We identify the following: Weight, Body Mass Index, Body Fat, Muscle Percentage, Resting Metabolic Rate, and Visceral Fat.  This really helps us to develop a customized and attainable plan to help you achieve to where you want to be.  

For most people these numbers are not where we want to be and it hurts a little.  We've been there.  We develop a plan and help you follow it. We help you create a daily menu including budgeting in some fun as well. We know that if you starve your body of all it loves, you are not likely to be successful.  We know if you change 75% of what you are doing, that it will have a huge impact.  We utilize the latest and greatest technology called iChange.  iChange allows your coach to monitor what you do throughout the day.  It helps your coach to help you stay on target.

Our typical plan includes our amazingly delicious Herbalife Shakes that are incorporated into a daily meal plan.  We select from a huge menu of healthy and tasty items that are available right at your local grocer.  We share ideas of things that have worked for others, and make a plan that is right for you.



Like most things in life, accountability is very important.  We can give you the greatest plan in the world, but if you are not held accountable, you tend to veer off course.  Our coaches communicate with you to help you overcome any hurdles that get in your way.  

We meet with those whom we are coaching frequently and measure, weigh and assess past week's performance and diet.  Here, utilizing iChange, it is very easy to see how great we are doing, or to help you refocus on areas that are keeping you back.  Accountability works!


Incredible Science!  

At HealthQ Club, we exclusively use the amazing products from Herbalife.  With an outstanding team of doctors including a Nobel Prize winning doctor, and the director of UCLA Human Nutrition as well as many more accomplished doctors on our team, we have the best in nutritional products and information.  

Our products are designed to work at the cellular level.  Weight loss, sports nutrition, vitamins, supplements and much more are available to help you with overall wellness.   

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